DrBill I certainly have a weakness for a good speculation (likely that Scottish blood) so thanks for the good advice about being careful.  Your comments about Kaplan possibly being one of those dreamers wanting to consolidate the Silver Valley is not only possible but also probable. From my seat, it appears to me that USA will be dramatically increasing silver and gold production organically right into the biggest bull market for gold and silver in the last 30 years, so if Darren is one of those dreamers too, in my opinon he has a better chance of closing the deal than kaplan. In an envionment of $40+ silver, USA will be literally pulling hundreds of millions of dollars of cold hard cash from the bowels of the earth every year whereas for at least 2-3 years after the IPO, in my opinion,  all the Sunshine mine is likely to produce is plenty of paper in the form of secondaries to finace mine construction and Denver G&A.