always be super careful when shorting.  i dabbled quite some years ago & got burned as well.  I prefer option strategies now but to my knowledge none are available on the Silver Valley mines except for Hecla.


Regards Kaplan, I believe there is a much bigger plan.  For years there have been dreamers wanting to consolidate the Silver Valley.  Kaplan I believe is the latest & one with very deep pockets.  Early on, at least, I do not think "they" will allow the Sunshine shares to decline. 


What Kaplan needs is a cheap (read that over-valued) fiat currency and that will be IMO the Sunshine shares.  And, then he needs production to demonstrate strong cash flows to support his enterprise.  My thought is that once the shares are in the market and elevated he will begin to use them to purchase under-valved assets in the Silver Valley.  A likely early target would be USA.  


USA is a producer which in a $35 to $40/oz. market will have good cash flows.  USA has an experienced in place labor force.  USA has management (if he wants them; if not pay off their options). and the USA assets are grossly undervalued.  So, I see an early run at USA to lock up great assets at a cheap price.  He'll pay a premium but pay in fiat shares not really worth much.  He could consolidate the whole Silver Valley using this approach consuming very little of his personal fortune.  Might even pick up Hecla.


For what it's worth (these are free thoughts so not worth much) that's a likely avenue for Kaplan.  But, if so, to pull this off they will keep the Sunshine price elevated.  Ideal timing would be at the early stages of a silver run---could be anytime.  So, bottom line, be very careful with shorting.