Plenty of fresh reports in local media outlets about Sunshine mine IPO.  From these reports the first thing that jumped out at me is that Kaplan is already saying that the $250mm IPO proceeds will not be enough money to complete the work at Sunshine, and that he expects to come back to the market at a later date and dilute shareholders with more equity so as to build a refinery.  Why should I buy Sunshine now if I can buy later cheaper, with less risk?  Also, six months after getting the $250mm IPO proceeds, Sunshine management will complete a study which will outline the costs of restarting the mine.  This appears backasswards in my opinion.  As a potential Sunshine mine investor I would like to know costs of mine restart BEFORE putting up my precious cash, not after.  Contrast Kaplan's plan for Sunshine with Darren's for Caladay. USA plans to have a mine plan and know the costs of developing Caladay before approaching banks and equipment manufacturers for financing, not after.  With a complement of 250 miners (who will all have to be imported to Idaho at great cost), Kaplan claims he can muck Sunshine by early 2014 with concentrate production late 2014 - this seems like a bit of a stretch to me leaving little room for error and in my opinion Kaplan is so busy trying to sell his paper to the unknowing that he is overpromising and leaving lots of room for a downside surprise (though I for one wont be surprised by the downside).