Cridwell, Galena is a union shop and there are perhaps three years left on the current union contract so miners wages are set for now, though with $50 silver, certainly the silver bonus pay will increase.  As for escalating costs of steel, diesel, etc, that is an issue across the mining industy and not USA specific.   At Galena mine going forward in my opinion we will see significantly less money spent on development and exploration, since less can be spent now because previous investments have been so fruitful - the high grade Silver Vein and Coeur stopes are coming on line now.  In spite of this, however, I do expect CAPEX spending overall at Galena complex to increase as investments are made to ramp low cost mechanized silver production at Caladay mine. Since Lucky Friday is on care and maintenance, USA is the lower cost producer right now in the Silver Valley.  Once Caladay starts producing,  USA will continue to be the lower cost producer, because Caladay's grades, widths, and mill throughput will be greater than Lucky Friday.  The other big  issue with HL, in my opinion, is that HL management is not smart enought properly grease the folk in power in Washington D.C. but rather prefers to try to swim against the tide.  For example, not only did HL not sponsor the presidents recent inauguration bash, but also HL's name has not been mentioned in the company of WMT, C and DUK as financial benefactors of the Obama campaign's non-profit 501c(4).  Furthermore, in my opinion, USA is a stronger, less risky, investment pick than HL because USA has its corporate headquarters in Toronto (it is supposedly illegal and not expected by the politicians, that foreigners donate to domestic U.S. political campaigns) vs. HL's which is in a red state and has strong GOP ties, a fact which increases political risk (EPA/MSHA) dramatically for HL vs. USA, iin my opinion.