Darren, CEO & President, what great friendly fellow and down 
to earth, full of energy and with great future vision for USGIF - smile 

Make it an Ag-Day and Meet Darren @ U.S. Silver & Gold Inc. 
Booth #1527 under Sunday & Monday Jan. 20 - 21 - 
Cambridge House International Resource Conference - 
Vancouver Mining Town, B.C., Canada - 

Darren @ Booth 1527 and answered all questions from 1000s of investors 
in person smile -

Darren's energy, excitement and great vision for us will soon be 
making much higher and stronger USGIF share prices -

I told an old friend who own more than 10 old Silver past producers 
mining properties to see Darren. 
He came back and thanked me for the introduction and said, 
what great fellow Darren is, it was pleasure to meet him.


God Bless 

I had also the pleasure to thank Darren for helping ABX 
American Barrick to make much higher share prices under 
the 10yrs he was an Au-force in the management of ABX,