Thanks for posting this article Belgian.   As a U.S. investor I will not even consider investing in a mining company listed on a U.S. exchange unless it also has a Canadian listing.   The reason is that the 43-101 resource disclosure requirements in Canada meet a much higher standard of disclosure than the disclosure requirements on U.S. exchanges.  For example if you take a look at the SEC  filings for Asarco, CDE, or HL during the many years when they owned Galena the only way an investor can learn something about Galena is to scour the 10K/Q  for a pararaph or two about the mine operations.  Compare this with the 43-101 for Galena on Sedar, a massive document detailing all aspects of the mine and its operations, updated yearly.  As an example of what I mean: when the #3 collapsed under Coeur's watch there was only one oblique reference to the event in CDE's SEC filing which took me quite a bit of study to find and had I not been specifically looking for it, would have been impossible to appreciate its significance due to the oblique wording.  Instead of using plain English, CDE described the shaft collapse as 'difficult ground conditions' or something along those lines.