Thanks for sharing your experience Cridwell.  I agree that Lucky Friday is a more modern mine than Galena.  Lucky Friday was designed with rubber tired diesel equipment in mind so it is certainly better laid out to accomodate modern mining methods, wheras Galena is an older mine and moves ore and people in the old school way with locomotives and ore cars running on iron rails. I am a peak oil believer and one advantage of Galena's old time set up is that its cost of production is less impacted by rising diesel fuel prices than Lucky Friday since most equipment at galena is powered with electricity from the power company, and power is cheap in idaho.  It would be interesting to compare projected costs of silver production at the two mines assuming $15/gal diesel fuel.  Very high fuel prices could potentially make galena the low cost producer and Lucky friday the high cost.  I think your assumption that mining equipment will have to be disassembled and then reassembled at galena is wrong.  The equipment will be delivered from the factory to galena disassembled with end items in numbered cans and crates, and then the cans and crates will be hoisted underground and assembled there by USA's mechanics.  This is no big deal.  I agree with you that USA is a 5-10 bagger from here and the fact that you, the biggest basher on this board, admit it too, I find quite significant and very bullish.  Good luck on your investments Cridwell.