As we are aware, previous USA Managememt sought an AMEX listing but current management has put that plan on hold. There has been some grumbling on this board about that decidion. An article was published in today's Toronto Globe & Mail (November 22, 2012) that provides perspective and should you wish to search for the full article the title is "One area where we are not risk adverse".  The opening three paragraphs are as follows;


"There are few business sectors where Canada can claim global dominance, but as a centre for mining development, it is an industry leader,

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and its small-cap partner, the Venture Exchange, are home to 58 per cent of the world's public mining companies and raised 36 per cent of global mining equity finance from 2007 through 2011. Collectively, they are first in the number of listed mining companies with nearly 1,700, well ahead of competitors, the London Stock Exchange and Australia's ASX.

No other place has the same concentration and depth of services and financial market sophistication to support mining finance and development."


If I may add: The 3 places to be as a mining company are either the TSX, the LSE or ASX. That is where the sophisticated mining investor eyes are looking, not at AMEX. Granted, there is nothing wrong with ultimately pursuing a listing on AMEX as it may attract some additional US investors or funds which isn't going to hurt. The  big mining money though is already comfortable with the TSX. They will step up when the assets and performance warrants, not because of the listing.