Don't get me wrong on; I'm not argueing that Hecla is a better stock than USA. My point is all about production throughput. And when it come to production throughput, Hecla has got the design down better than USA.

Hecla's hoists platforms are larger. They don't need to dissasemble and reassemble equipment like they do at USA.

If you totaled up the 3 individual hoists at USA then you will have more TPD than Hecla, but yet hecla (when operational) can move more ore. And that is because of the location of the shafting and drifting at Hecla. Combined with the efficiency of the hoist shafts.

USA has a copper silver mill and a lead silver mill. All of the copper/silver is processed at the coeur mill. And the copper silver at the old mill located near the mine entrance.

Back to my earlier point; without the Lead Zone, USA is going to be hunting and pecking. Hunting and pecking has always worked for them, even though they couldn't prove a long mine life. Having a long mine life will raise the value of the stock 5 maybe 10 times. In order to get a long mine life at USA they will need to find a giant ore body. They could then just remove the ore slowly using the Coeur shaft. Or if the body is large enough they can sink a shaft, reduce the mine life, but make a fortune in short order.

Either way is is all about the LZ at this point. And that is why they have designated a special team of folks to focus specifically on the exact dimensions of the LZ.