Very coherent post Cridwell, your best ever in my opinion.  The hoisting at the galena complex was developed to support the mills, Galena 900tpd, Coeur 500tpd.  Lucky Friday is only 1000tpd.  Clearly 1400tpd is greater than 1000tpd so USA has a bigger shaft in the Silver valley then HL.  Right now there is lots of excess milling and hoisting capacity which is why USA is going to a 24/7 schedule 300 days/year, to fill the mills.  When USA fills the mills, the silver production will be between 4.2mm and 8.8mm oz/year, depending on the mix of narrow vein Pb/Ag vs. Cu/Ag with 8.8mm ozs reflecting production should USA be able to source 1400tpd solely from the Silver Vein.  Certainly once the mills are filled and additional milling capacity is necessary then at that time possibly a new shaft may be sunk. This would be a wonderful thing for shareholders since it would mean that USA management has delived on its promises.  Fortunately, should USA need an even bigger shaft at galena, the expertise to sink it is on staff already since USA was able to poach the entire team that was working on deepening the #4 shaft at Lucky Friday.