Good questions about  Caladay, Cridwell.  In my opinon, previous operators didnt want to turn Galena into a base metal mine, which is what Caladay is, a very rich lead deposit with a small silver byproduct.  When Asarco discovered the lead deposit, it was before geologists had the new computer geomapping software so Asarco did not know the true size and scope of the deposit.  Asarco thought they found a Pb/Ag deposit containing about 5mm oz Ag with a 3 year mine life not a 150mm oz Ag deposit, with a 75 year mine life.  Furthermore the part of the lead deposit that Asarco drilled, a non 43-101 compliant resource, is on the Caladay shaft itself.  Caladay is a smaller exploratory shaft and does not have the infrastructure to support mining so it would have required a large investment of capital to get at from Caladay.   USA however discovered a zone about halfway along the drift connecting Caladay and Galena so the capital investment to mine it from existing Galena infrastructure is much less than doing everything from scratch from Caladay.  As for why did CDE sell Galena to USA for $15mm, in my opinion it is because CDE needed money at the time to invest in a perceived 'low cost' South American operation, which was in vogue and because the company was managed by a short sighted disco dancer whose first priority was to enrich himself and the Wall Street banks extending him credit rather than his shareholders - dilute, dilute, dilute, rinse and repeat. Furthermore, CDE's forte is open pits not underground mining.  CDE invested nothing in exploration or sustaining CAPEX at Galena for years and mechanically mined the 72 vein until it was tapped out, then sold a run down mine with 800 feet of collapsed shaft and virtully no reserves execept narrow vein Pb/Ag on the 2400 level that no operator ever wanted because of the marginal economics, to USA for $15mm because the mine was so neglected and run down, that was its market value at the time since you couldnt operate it at a profit given the large capital investments required and the paucity of economic reserves.