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Uranium Participation Corporation T.U

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Uranium Participation Corporation, invests in uranium oxide concentrates or uranium hexafluoride, with the objective of achieving appreciation in the value of its holdings. The Company's holdings are physically stored in duly licensed facilities.
Price: $4.81 | Change: +$0.01 | %Change: +0.21%
Volume: 45,337 | Day High/Low: 4.83/4.80 | 52 Week High/Low: 5.99/4.695

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Japan cabinet supports nuclear July 4 2014

30 % of energy for Japan....all 48 reactors are currently shut down but now can start up...it is the most efficent energy source for Japan....U is a buy and just let it do its thing over the next year...read more
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u what a dog lol

this stock is such a dog....if the market ever corrects we are in for a ride...I own it just sucks too hahahah  rate and reply
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RE:Raymond James comments on the uranium sector

Don't buy their picks,buy T.U  rate and reply
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the sector is about to breakout

the charts on almost ALL stocks says time to get in is NOW!  rate and reply
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the supply/demand has nothing to due with the stock,they stand alone  rate and reply
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OK it's spelled technical,buy the chart ,YES! it is about SUPPLY,accumulate  rate and reply
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hookup,put your buy orders in before market opens.like NOW! very bullish,accumulate  rate and reply
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reiter15 wrote: NAV    $4.11 Surprised most people do not realize U trades at 16.5% premium  !!  rate and reply
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RE:RE:CCI 20 buy signal

buy the technicals not the sentiment it's just an OPTION.  rate and reply
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RE:CCI 20 buy signal

-100.40  rate and reply
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CCI 20 buy signal

BUY signal ,accumulate  rate and reply
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While we wait for U3O8 (rise) this fall--OT

Heck...even Front Street ( Mersch and Lamarche ) are getting into this game : ) OFF topic.....The former Lucky Strike Guys ( look @ chart from 2010 ) are now putting the run on Matica Graphite...read more
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ax.un cibc today

we favor higher growth prospect Reits AP,CSH,NPR ,smaller cap growth Reits DIR,KMP,MST,MRG,RMM,RUF,WIR ,and discounted Reits AX,HR,REI............. outperformer among others PLZ.UN  rate and reply
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NAV    $4.11  rate and reply
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Any thoughts on the recent price movement upwards...

Not unhappy to see it creep back up over $5 but can't rationalize the move with U trading near lows and over supply in short / med term. Some positive news out there I've missed?  Thought we'd trend...read more
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Macquarie Research comments on the uranium sector

According to Macquarie Research:   Uranium   Quite simply, awful   The uranium market has, quite simply, been an unmitigated disaster in 2014. The spot price has declined 16% since the start of the...read more
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net asset value  apr 30---------------------------4.49 the spot price declined even more in may so i expect an even lower  asset value for may 31 ????  rate and reply
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RE:buy signal/entre

another bullish signal low volume well below the average  rate and reply
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buy signal/entre

WAS the end of APRIL 2014 into MAY 2014,chart has not giving any sell signals  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:..hate to say I told you so..

sorry, THE SPOT PRICE! as nothing to do with the technicals of a stock!  rate and reply