I found it interesting that Goldcorp is raising 1.5 billion in unsecured senior notes.  The intended purpose is to repay other convertible notes maturing August of 2014?  While this could definitely be the case, I find it interesting that they are raising almost 700 million more than they need and the convertible notes are not due to next summer.  They maybe trying to lock in cheap financing, however who is to say they could not change their minds on how these funds may be allocated.  While it is probably a long shot, Goldcorp could be getting ready to execute a takeover bid.  They certainly don't want to tip their hand.  Torex certainly  offers a  number of great attributes.  Large and growing gold reserves which could approach 10 million ounces by the end of this year.  Eleven rigs turning and they have been turning up some surprisingly high grade interceps and its location is right next door! Oh not to mention over 250 million in the coffers. Hummmm!