TV is not looking for ore, they got it all. They are not looking at major fund raising to build extraction plants , they have 2 functioning ones. They don't need to dig more holes for an potential expansion, they have plenty of reserves. Even at zinc 83 cents they are profitable, Santander will be costing below 50 cents. Zinc forecast is above 1$ in 2014. TV if they are smart enough will start paying off the debt taken at high interest rates. Debt taken to fund the copper circuit at Brunswick and prepare for mining. TV will then have 2 possibilities of expansion to double production. More than that, TV has a strong possibility of a third mine in the upcoming 2 years with Huumpar, they already have mine infrastructure, good metallurgy etc. But we won't make it that far because once Brunswick produces, a takeover will take place..... Today in another negative day for all mining stocks, we're up....Stay tuned......they are ridiculous bargains on the Market and the smart ones will prevail....Good luck and do your homework!!t