This is my opinion because it is absurd. Many see all dark to black. No objectivity.

Canada has one of the most regulated in the world and the financial statements audiatos by one of the world's leading companies.  There are many minerals in these deposits.

The development of the juniors is complex, has not been easy, very complex. two strategic partners.

I value Glencore at 1.42 when the had no caribou. They are professionals and have to have assessed the company.
Funding is the most complex. They've got 60 million in Halfmile and Santander 10 million. All companies have to be financed. In halmile realized the purchase for milling of copper.

In Santander the first shipment in July. This is real and concrete. Days more days less.
Some companies have more stocks and less progress. His stocks do not fall.

Management: Not bad. Arguably but not bad. The management is taking on two projects simultaneously. This is not easy now. EYE carrying two mines to production. No one are two. Perhaps more months, months less for starting Caribo. But the fact is that here also since development began.
How many companies have two projects are moving forward at the same time. How many?. Many have only one and no advancement.
The Storm is pefect for Juniors who are in early stage of development. Not the case of Trevali.

When delay the move from juniors to producer?. The answer is years.
Trevali Peru already started and Halfmile 1t-2014 (less than 6 months). Absolutely nothing in mining time.

In Trevali here are more depression than euphoria.

The trader: They buy and does not rise, then sell. The famous daytrade.

you have to put things in context.  At any time some targeted investment fund and will rise sharply.

We have passed the most difficult.

The action has fallen from $ 1.10 in January to 0.57.  In January, less advances cost more?. Absolutely absurd.

Sure you will say dilution. Just look at the other juniors and you will see that they have more stocks and less progress. That is reality.

The dilution comes from the hand to the final  production of its mines. No development, no explotation.

That's the real and expect the market to become rational.