Heres my script posted on the El Nino BB.  Additional info from my previous posts. Glencore-Xstrata has a idle mill (Brunswick mill) with a capacity of 10,000/day and a smelter at Belledune that took feed from this mill. Xstrata had plans to dismantle the mill but after the Xstrata buyout Glencore put the demolition on hold. The Brunswick mill is central to several deposits within approx 50 KM. That is to say: Half Mile Lake, Stratmat & Caribou that has  reserves of  15,000,000 or more tonnes. These deposits has good grade mineralization. These belong to Travali. Glencore owns a good chunk of Traveli. Votorantim & El Nino owns the Murray Brook deposit with 18,000,000 tonnes plus of lower grade ore but,  will be an open pit---See ELN latest release. From the release they state that the cost of a stand alone mill and infrastructure for putting this deposit in production will be approx. $316 million, with this the project is feasible. Instead of building a mill Votorantim could consider hauling their their Murray Brook ore to the Brunswick Mill and save hunreds of thousand of dollars. Here are the figures: These figures for hauling are in addition to what they would pay instead of hauling it to there mill (loading & unloading are not included because they will have the same cost either way. 100 tonne trucks will be used. Ore transportation to Brunswick mill at $2/T= $36 million for 18M tonnes. Construction of a haul road 50 KM = $25 million. modifications to the Brunswick Mill $50 million. total cost  $79 million. Addition savings from the railroad to Brunswick mill is already in place. The savings by doing it this was is  a staggering $237 million. I think that there are talks going on  now. The government is slow in making a commitment. Premier Allward is in bad need to create jobs and will be funding some of the financing needed and I think that this is the right way to go.