All of us are mad at Graeme, BoD and the management. I for one would like very much to see BNC in the hands of a new competent CEO and BoD. At this point, McRae has already resigned to the fact that he has to step down. Blindly accepting an unknown group of BoD and management as a substitute may not be the most prudent action.

At this time, the most important issues at hand that we do have some control and must make sure we vote correctly are:

1. Sale of AH:  We can vote it down under the current management and sale structure.

2. GW and his BoD. Before we vote him in, we must make sure his plan and agenda is for the benefits of all of us. (He has already indicated he is interested in owning the AH. If he and his BoD achieved total control, can we stop him if he wants to circumvent the requirement of general vote and sell off AH piece-meal to a company he and his cohorts set up?)

3. We could vote to sell distribution rights of AH and retain the manufacturing right. That way we can keep the patents on our products and special exclusive rights on Sin Susto, reduce the marketing cost and salaries and still benefit from our pipeline.

4. In the November SH meeting, we must demand the sale of Econiche and the VMC unless we are getting lucrative contracts on the vaccine plants.