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Canada - Beef plant closed

18 Feb 2013

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has suspended the operating license of St. Ann's Foods Inc., a beef slaughter plant located in St. Ann's, Ontario, effective Feb. 7.

The company has failed to correct deficiencies in hygienic practices that were previously identified through CFIA inspections, according to a news release by CFIA.

"Although St. Ann's Foods Inc. presented an acceptable action plan to the CFIA that would have corrected these deficiencies, they have been unable to demonstrate consistent or full implementation of the corrective measures within the required timeframe and this has resulted in the licence suspension.

The licence suspension is in line with CFIA's first priority - the health and safety of Canadian consumers," the agency stated.

There are no food recalls associated with this suspension and no reported illnesses.

St. Ann's Foods Inc. is prohibited from operating this facility until it has fully implemented the necessary corrective actions and the CFIA is fully confident in the establishment's ongoing capacity to effectively manage food safety risks.