Tyson, I have some level of confidence that BNC will achieve GMP with the VMC this year.


However, with what appears to be limited to no demand for Econiche, and the product seemingly 100% dependent on some form of government funding, lets hope they are able to sell it once GMP is achieved. I see no reason for Bioniche to become a contract manufacturer of 3rd party vaccines for the simple reason that they have  a manufacturing facility on the books. When did high volume, contract vaccine manufacturing become a competency of the company?


Even with moderate demand for Econiche, and 3rd party orders months to years away, the VMC will continue to be the drain on company resources and choke hold on the share price that it has been from day one. Other than the fact that the feds and province have chipped in a few dollars for the VMC, no one of any consequence has placed a dime of value on this thing. I think it could easily be argued that its existence has cost shareholders 200% - 300% of the current market cap, and has done so for years.


Achieving GMP validation is a nice discussion piece at dinner parties but its practicality as an asset, for this organization, seems extremely limited. I'd like to  avoid the "We have receceived GMP validation"..."Uh Oh Now What?!" release that most are expecting,  and have a buyer in place.


Why not unload it, pay off its associated debt, chalk up Econiche as a failure and move with what they know how to do.