Nut kick you say..................


Given the hatred for management and the narrow margin of victory on the option vote....why is it that one of the devoted BASHERS here on the board didn't gather shareholder votes to nix the option payout ?


I would also appreciate comment on all the factual events listed below.  Avoidance of factual evidence leaves one's credibility in question.


* the relentless 7 year attempt to mislead and deceive on a bullboard that runs 18 hours a day 7 days a week

* a Sunday evening 15% loan release followed by detailed explanations from regular board bashers

* Monday morning NR's at the beginning of tax loss season that makes you wonder why BNC even made the announcement

* NR's at 6pm on Friday night 3 days before Cristmas that scare the daylights out of uninformed shareholders

* positive NR's involving US partners that are released at 5:30pm on US Thanksgiving Eve

* websites that share similar info available 2 weeks prior

* Halts with the stock flying that last all day and end up saying nothing

* purchases with 15 minutes left in trading that move the stock from .72 to .90 so that it can trade at .60 the next morning

* .35 option grants in the face of a completely embarrassing performance by the company

* An Australian Exchange that has virtually No volume except for the transfer of shares across exchanges

* a BNN visit where the BNC rep fails to offer a ticker symbol or any mention of where we trade

* the largest ecoli crisis in Canadian history that sees ZERO appreciation for a company with a solution

* DITTO a year prior for a similar crisis in Europe

* failure to let shareholders know we've hired an IR firm to help create awareness

* a wonderful glossy marketing piece for Australia, but only select Canadian exposure

* participation in a San Fran bio-tech event that is only brought to our attention thanks to a motorcycle

* news on the Belgrade Cevapi-fest and silence on wonderful results with partner Bayer

* paid for IR that has a $1 target while Canada and Australia call for $3

* Please feel free to add to the list

Maybe we need a Shoppers coupon with our annual package so we can purchase the required meds to help us deal with the "opportunity cost"


Enough is enough boys