The only question is what will be manufactured and how much of it.?????????????

May I suggest they install holding tanks and turn it into a sh@tttthouse for Gramps ................imo ..he's full of a lot of top quailty problem hey!........... China

For thousands of years, China's farmers have used human manure, or "nightsoil", as fertilizer (King, 1911). In this example from the Tai Lake Region, nightsoil is collected and stored in large ceramic tanks or water-tight slate-lined or concrete pits. Manure and urine are collected in buckets within the household, or deposited directly in the storage tanks, which are usually located in the animal stall and toilet area of the household. Occasionally urine is collected and applied separately. It is common to mix pig manure with nightsoil in storage, as pig stalls are connected to storage tanks via a sluice, to facilitate collection of pig manure and urine. Prior to intensive use of synthetic fertilizers, nightsoil was an important fertilizer for nearly all crops, including rice and wheat. Now, nightsoil is applied mostly to small-scale vegetable plots and other rainfed household crops. The primary reason for this change is that nightsoil is applied in liquid form, so that it is much heavier than chemical fertilizers. As vegetables and rainfed crop fields are usually nearer to the household than paddy fields, nightsoil use is now concentrated in these areas. Another reason for preferential use of nightsoil on horticultural crops is that it is believed to enhance the productivity and flavor of these crops, especially Bok Choy.