Bioniche Presents Preliminary Data on the Use of In-Licensed Superagonist Hormone Technology in Cattle



More studies are required to determine the optimal dosage of the technology both in beef and dairy cattle, and to determine the long-term effects of treating consecutively with rFSH more than three times.

“These data are very encouraging,” said Mr. Graeme McRae, President & CEO of Bioniche Life Sciences Inc., “Trophogen has developed a clearly superior recombinant FSH technology which will, over the coming years, be developed into a synthetic product containing no material of animal origin. No other animal health company has been able to successfully develop such a product.”

The Company’s current FSH product, Folltropin®-V, is a global market leader. Folltropin®-V is used to superovulate reproductively mature cattle. However, this product is derived from animal origin materials, and the recombinant FSH technology represents the next generation of this important intervention.

Perhaps they were displeased with the efficacy compared to Folltropin-V?