I hope the execs had an absolutely splendid party and spared no expense to keep our company on the list as one of Canada's top employers.  Great Christmas parties must be one of the keys to staying on this list. Although our share price is near all time lows, just think of our misery if we did not have the credible leadership that currently exists.  And for the record, I think it is absolutely criminal that they did not vote themselves even more shares last month (after all, what's a little dilution between friends, eth?). 

Here is hoping for much more "wink, winks" and "nudge, nudges" from our fearless leaders at next year's AGM where we can dream of many more impending deals.

If you read this board, Merry Christmas BNC execs.  I feel just so blessed for having believed in the leadership of Bioniche for all these years!!!!!!!!!