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Transat A T Inc T.TRZ.B

Sector: Consumer Cyclical | Sub-Sector: Leisure

Price: $9.45 | Change: +$0.05 | %Change: +0.53%
Volume: 44,296 | Day High/Low: 9.60/9.42 | 52 Week High/Low: 14.70/7.97

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Raising capital to survive......

By selling handlex.... selling cargo selling hanguar...... selling, selling,,,,,,,, and rouge is coming.........from air canada we gonna see money out of those sale.....in a year or two But no more...read more
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Cargo division has been sold......not enought profitability

They are selling asset right now to cover the lost...... to get the lost smaller they do apply return taxes on commercial paper lost.........from a few years ago..... look at the last few result...read more
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RE:RE:Tempting to buy more here

As you say.....based on future summer......result will be good..... summer is profitable to transat.......... not this winter......... none of the few last winter........ too much competition high...read more
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RE:Tempting to buy more here

Lots of negativity since the start of June.   G&M put out a negative article with analysts expecting the company to have performed poorly in the quarter compared to last year and they see AC's Rouge...read more
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Tempting to buy more here

One analyst earnings downgrade over the weekend and the stock tanks. What is going on with TRZ.B vis a vis the other TSX airlines? They all win, TransAT loses? Or manipulation?  rate and reply
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Wait to see the result

Lot of delays this winter fuel is .in the roof bad result is coming.......this week you will have to wait at least a year or 2 before making money...... Im no basher but this is not from this...read more
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RE:RE:Transat looking good

Good analysis steen.  Not sure if the following news release helps too. My statement is a comment regarding the High Density aircraft configurations  (777's specifically) which are out there from Air...read more
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RE:Transat looking good

I'm invested in AC-B also and am confident that their share price in the $9-11 range is justified. That being said Air Transat should be trading at $15-17 based on their better financials. The SP bump...read more
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Transat looking good

Been watching this one for a while.  Looks to be recovering nicely from March.  Undervalued, little or no debt and Solid sales. My guess with Air Canada Rouging people and the horrendous HD 777's to...read more
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Stock should be at $11.00

I have looked at the company history, the cyclical nature of the industry, the analysts' predictions, and now the wild card of the Quebec elections, and feel that a conservative price should be $11.00...read more
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Air Canada good news & CDN dollar up

Transat should be able to reverse course from its downward trajectory after Air Canada announced upbeat news on summer bookings and better results from cost saving measures last night.  That stock is...read more
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Ross Healy on BNN

Stock plunged to about 70% of Book Value, so it’s a 30% discount to Book. You have to like that. It has a superb balance sheet. Their cash has got stronger and stronger and stronger as time has gone...read more
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Apparently after today the market seems to think the airlines comeback is a 2013 story, strong fundamentals or not. Can a falling loonie (guidance) trump this quarter's expected decent earnings? Need...read more
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fx impact may be minimized for TRZ

from NBF: Transat A.T. Inc. (TRZ.B) Transat has significant US$ costs including fuel, leases and hotel costs that are negotiated ahead of the season. TRZ was selling the winter (41% sold as of...read more
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I think that in cases like this, often, there is one seller out there and once he is out of the way, the stock recovers and goes much higher. I have seen it many times in the past. The fundamentals...read more
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RE:RE:Dropping like a stone

umbata Appreciate your analysis. Is the fallen loonie reason enough to re-rate Transat and other Canadian based corps. How did this sector function during a previous loonie devaluation. Can US...read more
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RE:Dropping like a stone

My guess is that it is related to the weak CDN$ relative to the US$.  The falling loonie results in tighter margins for TRZ based on sales of tour packages priced in US$.  We see that the falling...read more
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Dropping like a stone

Anyone have any news why TZB.B is in a free fall lately.  rate and reply
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New Article in G&M says no resistance to $15

I do not use technical analysis, Lou Schizas says in a Globe & Mail article that there is no resistance to Transat reaching over $15. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/investment-ideas...read more
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Stock is on fire!

New highs!  With Air Canada's earnings news and Westjet's good numbers, Transat is gearing up to have a great quarter.  rate and reply