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TransCanada Corporation T.TRP

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas Midstream
Alternate Symbol(s):  T.TRP.PR.A | T.TRP.PR.B | T.TRP.PR.C | T.TRP.PR.D

Price: $55.61 | Change: +$0.79 | %Change: +1.44%
Volume: 802,797 | Day High/Low: 55.63/54.67 | 52 Week High/Low: 55.05/43.94

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Spin out

Interesting concept, as long as my yield continues to grow sustainably then I don't have a problem.  rate and reply
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RE:spin out

I guess as a previous poster who mentioned some Citi report, TRP might be able to spin off some divisions. I could see such a possibility, but for whether the the #'s make sense (aside from...read more
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spin out

TRP spliting into two entities?  One for yield and one for growth???  rate and reply
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RE:Mattawa Ontario >>> Got

FYI > We own a boat load and truck load of TRP in various portfolio's ...ACB @ 18.53 ...and found this most recent News article during one of our many searches and thought we should share it. Hope...read more
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Mattawa Ontario >>> Got

a new emergency vehicle on funds from TRP for 5 years of silence!!! Sorry unable to copy and paste news article from today's Fin.Times. Good read . GLTA TimeBuilder  rate and reply
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Value that could be unlocked!

TransCanada upgraded to Buy at Citigroup, citing potential for breakup • 11:43 AM TransCanada (TRP +0.5%) is upgraded to Buy from Neutral with a C$61 price target, up from C$51, at Citigroup...read more
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Hmmm pipelines or rail. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/apnewsbreak-oil-train-info-shows-heavy-traffic "Disclosures from railroads about volatile oil shipments from the Northern Plains show dozens of...read more
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Now that ENB gets Northern Gateway...

Not sure what happens to TRP tomorrow. (and ENB)  rate and reply
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Friggin clickbait "Keystone XL prime terrorist target"exSEAL

http://www.thespec.com/news-story/4558424-keystone-xl-prime-terrorist-target-says-ex-navy-seal-commissioned-by-pipeline-s-critics/ Really, the whole premise is even though other targets are just as...read more
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Keystone &Northern Gateway

Seems our various governments and the oil companies want to export to obtain world prices. Result ; Canadians pay more and somewhere in future it's gone. Keeping it in Canada would leave energy for...read more
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RE:RE:Obama Again

Don't think he is dumb. Absolutely do not agree either with the left who believe he is a genius. Fanatic is the word I would use for this man. He appears cowardly at times but I believe that has more...read more
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FYI>>>April30thDRIP@$51.123333 EOM

.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:holding above 50 for a while know

Yes Romper, we are above fifty......remember, we all need to heat our homes and like to have a hot shower. Just sit back, relax, collect the dividend. Best......SHUMBA  rate and reply
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RE:RE:holding above 50 for a while know

Actually what I ment to say was "holding above 50 for a while now".  Despite Obama I see we are still there. ;-)  rate and reply
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RE:holding above 50 for a while know

Romper wrote exactly one month ago today: "holding above 50 for a while know" I think he meant to say no vs. know, or how could you know? Well, I am going bottom fishing tomorrow, so if you jump ship...read more
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If the U.S. Department of State moved any slower

they would be going reverse.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Obama Again

Hmmm... fakmiz... Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, of course that was before he somehow figured out how to get elected president of the United States. You on the other hand take two...read more
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RE:Obama Again

fakmiz wrote: I agree! Obama is and, has been a lame duck president. He couldn't make a tough decision if his life depended on it. The sooner greater America realizes this and get rid of him the...read more
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Obama Again

I agree! Obama is and, has been a lame duck president. He couldn't make a tough decision if his life depended on it. The sooner greater America realizes this and get rid of him the better it will be...read more
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Obama Again!!!

Obummer sticks it to Canada and Keystone again as he pushes any decission on Keystone out past midterms. Lets Hope that Americans do the right thing and use the mid terms to boot democrats out of...read more