I still don't see how everything could be orchestrated that perfectly, given so many different stances, and agendas. I just see the CCAA system always favouring bondholders, so they take advantage of it. It was still a pure gamble for them. Now with the AI's running off, it seems they are having a hard time realizing value. We just simply got wiped out. The BOD dropped the hammer with the CCAA, but before I think they were playing up to the bondholders, and according to some reports, there was a brief rally in the bonds. The bondholders had the shareholders by the balls, but the BOD, in turn, had the bondholders by the balls since the CCAA. I see nobody benefitting from the CCAA except the BOD, Chan and gang. The OSC is doing the bondholders a favour by not pressing charges against the company itself, which relieves the company from any fines, (although the class action will likely go after the company once the stay is lifted). All in all, just a big huge mess.