In regards to the S&P and Dow, I recently sold my DJIA shares in anticipation of the markets correcting a little, I hope close to 10% on the US side. In Canada, we're into a strong season for Energy stocks which should keep some wind in the TSX sails through March when RRSP money is added to the markets.

I think that selling some profits now in RIM would be the wise thing to do, maybe 30% and then let the rest ride because the rumour pricing is already in and now everyone is hoping RIM can hav a successful launch, something it hasnt done before... more worrying, is that those who determine what a successful launch is are usually iPhone users... I still think the best way to play RIM is through options...I'm saving my trading in that stock to the launch days, it will be volatile and one thing Im betting on is that it wont be in the 16$ area...mroe like 6 or 26 lol