A few thoughts... wrt RIM, follow the adage of buy on rumor, sell on news.  There's a good possibility that the release of BB10 will be either very good or very bad for RIM.  Since no one here seems to have much insight into the R&D of the company other than what is readily available to all, this is a pure gamble at this point.  So assume that very good news is factored into the rising price of RIM (SP has tripled in 5 months) and sell before the actual news comes out as it will undoubtedly either disapppoint or simply meet expectations.  In either case the stock will fall.  Of course there's a chance that it will be huge & the stock will continue upwards.  I'd sell before the new release to protect against bad/mediocre news & if the stock does continue to rise, buy it back.


As for the S&P, if it were to pull back 5% or more it would have a very big effect on the TSX and other indices. It would also represent a buying opportunity.  I hope it's more like a 10% pullback.