Lol, everytime some one mentions RequiemD this always comes back to mind.  Truly one of the biggest scumbag stock promoter I have seen in a stock forum.



10. WOW Thats 11 billion/250 million or $44 dollars a share just based on liquid assets.

9 .  Thats the one TRE. 90 million shares shorted in June the largest short position ever and there's 40 million that has to be covered in 0.5 to 1.5 months or they are dead. Should I play a Requiem for James Last?

8.   Shorts are nervous when they see 40 million shares that have to be covered in 15 to 30 business days and theres only 2 million shares total volume a day. It will be short vs shorts to see who gets the margin calls first. LOL

7.   If it goes up 0.15 per day in 30 days it will be 4.5 higher or $8.91. It would be fun to see the shorts cover 40 million in one day making it $18.91.

6.  The PwC report was estimated to be out in 2 to 3 months that means we have either 2 to 6 weeks to wait. Eight million shares will be covered in 2 weeks and all 38 million will be covered in 6 weeks. That means 15+ in six weeks.

5.   You see the volume today? How can you cover your shorts when no one wants to sell to you? This is going to be all over the news SHORTS BAG CHASERS SUICIDE RATE UP STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT. No College for Joey. No Wife. Bankruptcy for Shorts in 10 days and counting. DOOM. DOOM. DOOM.

4.   If there is no US Debt deal by July 22, margin call on all shorts as credit squeeze bankrupts BAG CHASERS. SHORTS DIE ON JULY 22. 3 DAYS UNTIL SHORT SQUEEZE

3.   All we have to do is hold it together until Friday then the pressure will be on the Shorts to cover. At any time the stock will be halted when the PwC report comes out and it begins trading at $15. Imagine what would happen if no one sold. You can cash out at $100 per share in one month. Shorts are dead.

2.   You MAY be right and you MAY be wrong. PwC would have resigned not report back to the OSC. Sino Forest suspending.....MAY be a misprint by the incompetant staff at OSC. Now I know the story is 100% fabricated. What time is it?
"The possibility of Chan’s withdrawal from the company was first reported by the Globe and Mail newspaper."
"An announcement may come as soon as today..." WELL WE ARE WAITING!!!
By the way the OSC did not ask for the resignation of Allen Chan.

And finally, "drum rollllllll, drum rollllllllll"

1.  Allen Chan went on record he personally guarantee the financial are correct. We are 100% covered.