I searched new job postings in the last week for Sino-Forest's subsidiaries and found quite a few:



Sino-Panel (Hunan) Development, 5 sales, 10 manufactures, 5 R&Ds;



Sino-Panel (China) Investment, 1 Project Monitoring Manager;



Sino-Panel (Guangxi) Development, 1 Resource Assistant, 1 Chief &Cleaner


The Chief&Cleaner's duty including cooking lunch for 20-25 employees and cleaning the offices.


That does not sound like a company of total fraud, a Ponzi scheme. Not sounds like "frozen", either.


Those people are hired with Our investments, and they are working hard in a promising place to earn more money. However, every dollar they earned will go to pockets of lawyers, advisors, the Monitor, the directors, ..., nothing left for us, the real owner. Thanks for the OSC.