So, what does everyone here think about the stock market's 2013 beginning? Will today's impressive thrust be sustained all through the year? The odd thing for me today though, was that out of the 10 stocks (Companies) that I had on the screen at each given time, all were in lush green except for the one I was interested in.... RIM was shorted viciously today, that is despite the fact that early on in the day it too was in green territory.... Near the close I almost put my entire TFSA allowance for 2013 in it, but I held back. Hopping it will go another 60 or so cents lower tomorrow or the day after perhaps.

Yea-yea I know, Longonsino.... What can I say, this board's short-sellers are bad-bad influence; I will never-ever short a Company, though -- one of those things in life..... BTW, I flunked that stock-market-guessing-school/class (beat the market education thing) I said I was going to attend to.

Anyways, should RIM go lower, this then will afford me to buy greater number of shares, which is actually my objective.... However, should it go the other way (up), without crying I will be very upset with myself for not buying today.

Wish me well for tomorrow and do not do as I do because more often than not I end up on the losing side when it comes to timing my buying/selling stocks – my TRE deal is my constant reminder of that.....