"It's a zero sum game. Somebody wins, somebody loses. Money itself isn't lost or made, it's simply transfered from one perception from another, like magic." -Gordon Gekko (Wall Street 1987)

ShortyMcShort has won. You've lost. Period.

It's harsh and brutal, but you've agreed to take that risk the very first moment you invest your first dollar in the stock market.

Everybody loses at least once. I've lost too at the stock market. Nearly a 100 grands.

Stating it's the shorts' fault, or the OSC's fault, or EY's, or China's or whatever isn't going to solve anything.

As far as I know, nobody put a gun onto your head and forced you to invest in Sino. You're the only one to blame.

Now face it, see what you can learn from it and move on as I did with my previous losses. If you learn from your mistakes and stop living in the past, one day you'll score. I guarantee you.

Longs, move on with it.

Shorts, quit it, it's enough.

And let's close this forum once and for all.