I have just sent out my reply. This is a great opportunity, and sofar the only opportunity, for the current shareholders to express ourselves. Don't waste it, tell the court that the Restructuring Plan should not be allowed to execute before the court proving or disproving the OSC's allegations, the Plan is extremely unfair to the current shareholders.


Don't waste your time sending out letters. The acronym  'CC double A' or 'CCAA' stands for Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act - a federal enacted piece of legislation. Sino-Forest had voluntarily filed under CCAA to buy time.

It was funny E & Y said in court papers that Sino-Forest should have gone straight into bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act ('BIA'). E & Y said Sino-Forest had misused CCAA as there were no jobs to be protected in Canada. The Company had 4,003 employees with 4,000 in China and only 3 in Canada.

The Plan will be decided by the Court. Shareholders have no say or legal standing under a CCAA proceeding.