Regarding the Canadian businessman, it seems to me our guy is not too bright as he should have never gone back to China & be arrested & held for ransom. His lawyer's opinion that he didn't have to worry as he had no assets that could be seized in China against any court judgment was unsound advice :-)

On the other hand, Allen Chan & K.K. Poon would be given a free prison pass in Canada if they are stupid enough to ever step foot in our country. We don't hold people hostage in a civil dispute. They will likely be given similar advice by their lawyer:- " Don't worry guys, you are "judgment-proof" as you have no assets in Canada. You guys had made off with $ millions of shareholders' funds. OSC will never get their $84 millions fines out of you" This time it would be sound legal advice.

BTW, there are no discovery & cross examination of witnesses and experts permitted in China. Everything is done under court submissions. I can fully understand why CIQ cross examination was not allowed. China doesn't follow western common law & jurisprudence.

In the past, some U.S. executives were held hostage in China over nonpayment of a business debt. Their US based company had gone bankrupt and when they went over to China to explain all this to their Chinese suppliers, they were taken hostage.

What is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander when you compare China to Canada.

Have a nice holiday everybody !!!