Haven't been here for a while.  Looks like you guys finally chased Heidi away, I really feel bad for all the people that got defrauded.  Best thing to do is move on and learn from  the experience.  The reason I dropped by is I saw some of you take interest in RIM.   RIM will be a $15 to $18 stock before the end of the year, it has nothing but momentum and positive feedback.  Goldman has raised the target to $18 and I really believe they will take the price up to $18 and then raise it again.  Thats what every analyst are doing, every day you see a new higher target price.  One thing I will be a bit cautious about is the earnings coming out on the 20th.  But the way RIM is moving the last couple of weeks, I have no doubt the expecation will be so low that they will handily beat it.  Cheers.