What a meeting of beautiful  minds we have  going on here.  Another treehugger diatribe that uses as many words as possible to say nothing and to say nothing to stupidly.  His thoughts could be summed  up in a few sentences... "The large shareholders seem to be very silent on getting robbed.  I wonder if they're in  on the take."  Instead he goes on for paragraphs saying nothing.  It makes it more  laughable to sprinkle the krap with oddly spelled words (behing) and meaningless phrases (no consorted effort).  But the funniest stuff is that in this opinion piece, on an opinion forum, he feels the need to include phrases like "I could be mistaken but", "Now it appears to me" which was immediately followed by "(completely theory for now)".  This garbage makes me LOL.  The only thing that adds to it is the author's concept of adding question marks to statements because that magically transforms them into questions? Ha ha ha.  Is it any wonder that these folks were caught as bagholders?