Your story about the class of analysts was an interesting one, ShortyMcShort. Not related to yours, but quite analogous, only a handful of years ago I had a rather insincere conversation with one of them and also with a large Company's PR person. In the case of the latter, due to particular observations I had made about the Company's trading activity, all I wanted to know was if information was being leaked out to preferred clients just prior to the release of quarterly results and as such events that will cause the price to flactuate (up, or dawn) more so than it would normally do on an every day basis.... In short, armed with explanations intended to prove my point that this may indeed have been a normal matter with all of them, though unspoken, I accused him of lying or something to the effectc and he angrily replied back by saying that I had an unusually wild imagination.

Anyways, it was quite generous of LongonGlueStick to make mention of Rim here, I thought.... I will follow its trading pattern for about a week and if interesting, I will consider it because its price is not entirely out of reach.... What do you think of it?