Oh yes, SMcShort, but, for some reason you have excluded the fact that without proof given, the OSC, Chairman Wedston, went after Mr. Chan's (one of China's) Enterprises worth in excess of $6B and not exactly after its accused Mgmt/BOD....  The fact that few of them have resigned, means 0. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Company and especially its shareholders – the TRE shareholders have unjustly paid the price. We know that SF has/had the properties that Chan said that it had; in fact at the time of the unfounded accusations, the Company had something like in the order of $1 billion in cash and nearly as large an amount uncollected, in the hands of the Als.

Of course, in all of the trickery that has been played and all of the sham that has taken place since your most favoured human being (that will be Block) has expressed his benevolence that he has for the common shareholders of each of the Chinese Companies he preys on (knows he can prey on because of the difference in laws), there is the issue involving one of Sino Forest's 'distinct' subsidiaries. With the help of each of the principal hyenas and then in turn with the vultures' that have encircled the Sino Forest Enterprise and this includes the OSC and the Chinese Gov muteness, they thought of something.... They decided to sprinkler the Sino Forest case with something different . This was so, because of the notable subsidiary's organizational characteristics.... They deemed okay to as much as possible disconnect "Greenheart" from SF'S central assets and SF's trials and tribulations. In the mean time, they had no qualms about exhausting the Company's (SF's)cash and allow the Al's to run away with all the cash owed to the Company. And of course, they have deemed more than OK to sell SF's other assets (trees, forests, land rights, buildings, etc.) piece by piece at absurdly low prises. Well now, I wonder why would that be?