Wetston can handle SFC harshly only within certain bounds, and that's if there is fraud. If there was none, the OSC wouldn't be holding their heads up like that. If you've been to the hearings, you'd know they're not just using anything to cover their butts. Those allegations they came up with is not an ignorant affirmation of MW's. They have more meat than CB ever did. CB only needed to suspect something (however small, and used his imagination and made it larger than it seemed). But once the OSC took on the investigation, SFC had no chance. This is much bigger than MW. He's really out of the picture now.


That's why I say, don't hold onto the hope that the OSC is wrong. They only need a handful of proof, and the halt would be justified. Remember how the OSC was on the Bre-X case, although it wasn't Wetston at the time. The OSC would have loved to squash the company of their fraud, but didn't because they knew they didn't have the proof. Canadian frauds are much harder to prove than Chinese ones, the accounting standards are different.


If in the end, SFC was squeaky clean, then the OSC will have to pay for their ignorance. But I wouldn't count on that.