number 5 is the winner. Its quite simple, for 17 years, the company, through a reverse take over, avoided close examination. it took someone to say something for them to start investigating. The OSC, by law, is not allowed to just initiate an investigation without someone making an allegation. But once an allegation is made, they must investigate.


Think of it this way, you immigrated to Canada 17 years ago and lived a good life, made lots of money, kept your nose clean. Everyone left you alone, the police never had reason to be called over. But, one day, a sleazy guy named Carson goes into the police station and says that youre not the nice guy new Canadian that you preneted to be, but instead a thief. The police may not like this Carson guy and know that he is a sleazeball, but they have to investigate if a crime was actually committed. After they start to investigate, it becomes clear immediately that yes there was a crime being committed.


For 16 years various pumpers pumped Sino without knowing a thing, and now it all came crushing down. This is exactly how every other past stock fraud case has happened.