If the process to sell Sino Forest's assets (properties) piece by piece has begun (if this is the plan), wasn't this precisely what the DOD's members wanted to avoid in the first place?

Selling piece by piece at this time at unimaginably discount prises, raises extremely serious questions about the secrecy regarding the bidders and about the amount of their offer. No? We were never told what the highest price was, or who each of the actual bidders were.

More importantly, if the intent is to sell piece by piece at prices just at levels enough to generate the $1.8 billion that is owed to the creditors, so then, why the restructuring at all? What will there be left to restructure about and for whom if the creditors have been paid and have been removed from the scene?

As I've said all along; one more time, where there was none before worth talking about, Sino Forest's deception-theft-fraud begun the moment Carson Block meandered over to Sino Forest's landscape.....

This is not a winnable case – from the onset, never was. All along, they (all major parties involved) dealt in bad faith.... The most one can hope for is exposing the real criminals involved with the repulsiveness of this case, and identify (hit them where it hurts most kind of thing) some of the major culprits who aided them from behind the scenes throughout the whole time. They exist, I imagine.