One thing I agree with Heidi, is the Chinese government at least publicly did their part by showing their support of Chan. This business with the AI's, that's a different story. Here in the West it would just be called negligence or incompetance to let AI's, suppliers that owe SFC money to disappear. I'm not sure what it takes to deregister, but I would surely think that government review and approval is necessary. So either intentionally or through negligence, they destroyed the business of SFC. No details are given in how the company intends to go after these crooks (it's totally possible that they themselves are passively allowing the theft, or involved in hiding the crime). So I hope the OSC digs up some of that dirt. It seems they found out more about the identites of these AI's, and the interrelationships with SFC than what had been disclosed so far by the IC, or Chan and gang. That I have no doubt they are correct, even the IC didn't deny that part, and the redacted reports are bound to omit those parts. On this I'm sure Heidi would NOT agree with me.


I've made peace now with the fact that even if SFC is not a Ponzi scheme, it was a castle made of sand, not built to last. If I lost because of that, then so be it.