2udad, what would be surprising is if there were a day when the games weren't being played. the moment you buy a stock you are entering a game of chance except there isn't as much protection against unfair play. In the OTC and venture market, the roulette wheel can have a secret brake, the blackjack table can have card counters, the cr*ps table can have planted players using loaded dice. But in the end, the share value always seems to find it's comfort level. It's a number that someone is willing to risk based on odds of return... despite the "game" it is in.


I can understand you looking at the depth because there is little else to do here. What you can do to pass the time is try and assess the possibility of SSS increasing value, under what circumstances, and the odds of that happening, etc. There are actually histories and success rates for various industries and types of ventures that you can extrapolate. For instance what is more likely --  that SSS be bought by another company or make a profit?


Start there and do your research. You will eventually see the odds and understand the share price better. You might find that it is under valued or overvalued or bang on. But at least it will remove the mystery as to why? 


It is not as easy as it sounds, but it's worth the effort if you have a significant position IMO.