David Allan still has a flawless record on my watch.

While things have sometimes taken longer than we want, so far he has done what he has said he would do.

Now that Niclas Stiernholm is at the wheel, the sage advice of DA will continue to reverberate through the SCT structure.

  • Getting the US visibility for SCT is vital, he said... and on the 20th we will have it.
  • Reinvigorating the story before garnering new interst is vital, he said....and with AML and Tigecycline we have it.
  • Keeping the lights on is key....and with that financing, we have extended our runway considerably
  • Getting ourselves embedded with MaRS....done
  • Enticing big names and reputations to join the board...done
  • Running lean....done and ongoing
  • Finding compelling research and making strategic patnerships/acquisitions....done...and ongoing

For the Longs....we are coming up on the 3rd anniversary of the big drop.  Rejoice that a) we are still here b) we have hope again.