Sounds like the boomerang might be coming back.

We changed the guard, changed the city, changed the mission of SCT, associated ourselves with great people, made advances toward novel approaches and procedures... and now here we are.

NTx-265 (which DID NOT FAIL but rather SUCCEEDED AMBIGUOUSLY in Phase 2B)

Getting delivered to the brain through an FDA approved mechanism that is specifically designed for the task(and they will no doubt share the costs of a trial which they are very motivated to get moving also).

We have an open invitation from the FDA to come back for another shot with NTx-265 but didn't have the funds to do it right away.

They will count it as a PIVOTAL TRIAL and it could go right to commercialization if it is successful BECAUSE EVEN THEY RECOGNIZE THAT PHASE 2B was NOT a failure.

Now we have a financing coming to raise money.

We have had a reverse split and have HELD OUR VALUE and even grown it a little.  Not very common...

We have little partnerships and J-V's popping up like daffodils.

Regardless of what happens, we cannot say that David Allan is resting on his laurels.

For a lean operator, he sure gets a lot of things done.

Giddy Up.