I will admit to being 'surprised' by the unexpected rise in the stock price. I predicted that the SP would fall based on previous experience, and the fact that it's not working out that way this time, doesn't mean that the prediction was 'wrong' per se. Which leaves me looking for a reason for the bump, as anything this unexpected has to be a curiosity. I have two theories. The simple one is that due to the ticker symbol staying the same, many charting services were showing the stock as having risen several hundred percent, i.e. not having factored in the consolidation. There was also no news release as such; there was a prior release giving advanced warning that the consolidation was happening, and there was a TSX bulletin listing the event, but there was no news item on the actual day. Is it possible that some investors were simply unaware that the 'rise' was fake? I wish I could prove this theory about the charting, but I notice today (Sunday) that all the charts I use have now reflected the consolidation, so you'll just have to believe me that they were showing huge rises earlier in the week (Stockhouse itself is still wrong as I write this). The second theory I have is a conspiracy theory, and I have absolutely no evidence of this, I'm just a cynical guy. This merger that the company is taking part in, requires part payment in SSS shares, but the amount is denominated in dollars. Therefore, the higher the SP, the fewer shares are required to fulfill the contract. At a time of low volume/depth, a small investment in pushing up the share price now, could result in a much bigger saving in terms of that purchase 'price'. I have been unable to work out exactly what period the SP will be averaged over, so I could be quite wrong on this. Does anyone know, or have any opinions? I'm still expecting a fall, either when the averaging period ends and they stop pushing up the price and the share payment is made, or when the next financing round occurs (or both) and I think things will look pretty sick around then, and that is when I will be re-investing.