We know that a consolidation is coming at 10, 20 or 30.

This means that we end up with either 18.9, 9.45 or 6.3 Million shares out after the consolidation happens at lets say 30 cents, 60 cents or 90 cents.


That is a crazy low number of outstanding shares.

Imagine the financing that could happen at that level... any of those levels.

With a compelling story, we could pretty easily raise 15 Million dollars with only the issuing of 50Million shares and suddenly we have a nice little bundle to attract further interest and to undertake some of the work that has been sitting on hold.

The other end of the spectrum has it only resulting in 16.7 M shares being issued at 90 cents to get the 15Million.

Either way, we still have a ridiculously low number of shares out.

Those are just example numbers, of course... I wish I really knew.  I do know that we need to have money to make money and right now we are starting to see the bottom of the change purse, I suspect.

I have to trust that Mr Allan will do what he said and get us some real backers to step in after any consolidation would occur to support the stock and build off news that would follow.  He said this in a couple Q&A sessions where the question about consolidation came up.  I have no reason not to trust him so far.  He has been a man of his word.

I hope something happens soon.

Best of luck to all,