Well, my weekly lunch with my buddies at our regular haunt on College Street has come and gone.

Your little company was mentioned again.

Some things were said.

Some thoughts were shared.

Some speculation was made.

I have had some time and interest this week to learn a little more by doing some reading.

My credibility is worthless here, as was made clear last week because I am not wearing the old scars from the great fall a couple years back.

Some of the other folks out there who claim to have heard your Mr. Allan and read the reports and letters should go and brush up a little.  It is pretty clear that there were indications of a reverse split as long as it was in conjunction with significant news.  It came up during a couple different Q & A sessions at least.  (By the way one of these extremely credible people was a 'signup-same day' poster just as was noted in my case but they were given the benefit of the doubt...ha...that is pretty funny and clearly a sign of desperation to hear only the positive!)

Those of you who actually do DD could benefit from a little trip down memory lane reading his letters and listening to the tape of the meetings that are still available.

Pull off the rose-colored glasses and read the black and white statements.

I am not saying this cannot be a success but if you are going to cast aspersions, try to be balanced.

Anyway, I will let history be my guide.... and I will keep my news to myself.

Watch for me on the buy side again tomorrow (or maybe the sell side).

I guess that is for me to know.


Ta ta