I read the article you posted and I found this interesting:

"Top-line data from the 96-patient Phase IIb trial, designatedREGENESIS, showed substantial improvement in patients in the NTx-265group, with a drop of 6.3+/-0.05 as measured by the National Instituteof Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS). The problem was that the placebo workedslightly better, showing a drop of 7.3+/-0.9 NIHSS, results thatsurprised President and CEO Alan Moore, to say the least.

"You expect, of course, a placebo effect," he told BioWorldToday. "You always expect one. But we had expected a drop of 2 or 3points at most."

So If you look at the results realistically, and take into account that a placebo effect is universal to all participants, then the placebo effect should be subtracted from the NTx-265 results. Best case scenario, the net effect of NTx-265 is a 3.3 to 4.3 drop correcting for placebo, and worst case is that NTx-265 was actually detrimental to recovery by an increase of +1. That is entirely possible. Placebo, AKA hope, could have a dramatic effect on stroke victims.

Moore goes on to say, "Stem Cell Therapeutics will be rechecking dosages and blood levels tomake sure those placebo numbers were correct. Meanwhile, it also will beanalyzing results from several secondary endpoints, including themodified Rankin scale and Barthel Index. Those are just as important asthe NIHSS scale and could offer clinical and regulatory paths forward ifeither or both yield positive data, Moore said."

You have a 2-3 week wait to see if there was in fact a mistake... highly unlikely, because it would seriously question the competency of these people. A more likely scenario, Moore will most assuredly find positive feedback in the "Rankin scale and Barthel Index" since there is a lot at stake here for him. What does this all mean in terms of risk? Considering that candidates for stroke trials are hard to find, you are looking at 6 months before another trial can be done. My bet is that SSS will at best go sideways, and most likely drop to .05 until then.

I know how much it can hurt to lose on a stock like this, but the biggest mistake you can make is to not be able to let go when the risk is far greater than the potential gain. My advice would be to get out completely and find a better opportunity. This isn't about the therapy in SSS, it's about calculated risk and making money. I would follow this stock on the sidelines and wait.

Be realistic, and good luck to everyone.