As we approach the 52 week high I expect an R.N.S. to be out shortly.We all know that  the Tajikistan Government will give the approval of the FARM IN PARTNERSHIP.Late March we will get Q4 RESULTS with the 2012 YEAR END RESULT,I expect a substantial increase in revenues and to be cash flow positive in Q4.It will be interesting to see if management continued their cost cutting expenses.The next R.N.S. could be an operation update that will consist of 2013 KAZAHKSTAN DRILLING CAMPAIGN, very important to mention A.O.T. PHASE 3 to be completed.With the completion of the A.O.T. Tethys will be able to maximize production in the Doris Field,this will generate more revenues and profit,by doing so if the drilling campaign is successful this could mean a 250km pipeline from the Doris Field to the the near distant future to cut the trucking transportation.As some of you mention about a biding war between TOTAL and CNPC it would make no sense for one of the two to take control of TETHYS.TOTAL and CNPC need each other for strategic reasons,CNPC has the market and surrounding of infrastructure in TAJIKISTAN .TOTAL has the technology for deep drilling.TOTAL had mentioned that they needed a Chinese partner in the farm in agreement that's why CNPC is on board.As I mentioned in a post I wrote in January I would see more of a Friendly Takeover by CNPC than a biding war between these two.CNPC and TOTAL would make a joint partnership in the three republics.